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by unsurpassed telemetry technologies

The DVX Monitoring System is an all-encompassing solution for near real-time wireless patient monitoring, trend diagnostics, artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced reporting.


A wearable medical device (IIb) with onboard Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4GLTE connectivity for diagnostic ECG and Vital parameters. DVX sends data to a Cloud Server, Windows application and Mobile devices for near real-time monitoring, analysis, alarming and reporting.


DVX  is used for a variety of  applications;

  • Holter, Cardiac Event & MCT

  • Wireless telemetry

  • Triage and Early Warning Scoring

  • Post surgical surveillance

  • Chronic disease management

  • Tele-ICU / Tele-CCU / Tele-STROKE

  • STEMI analysis in ambulances


DVX eliminates any limitation to where and when a patient can be monitored.


DVX is a true telemedicine solution that offers patient monitoring at distance; 

anywhere, anytime.


The DVX Monitoring System is used by healthcare providers around the world. A selection of our clients can be found on this website.

Our customers are hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers, telemedicine centers, ambulance and EMS services and others who have a need for near real-time monitoring of ECG and vital signs. More recently several clinical trials are using our solution and praise it for its simplicity and ease-of-use. It is the most advanced, yet simple to use product in the market.


Techmedic is a Netherlands based privately owned company, with long-standing experience in medical device development.


This experience has led to the most advanced wireless patient monitoring solution in the market today


The brand-new DVX Monitoring System is a next generation development and combines everything we learned about telemetry in the last decade.


The solution is aimed at timely detection of abnormal vital signs and other clinical parameters.


Techmedic's proprietary and extremely powerful alarm engine recognizes any vital or trend change and delivers alarms to caregivers in a fast and reliable way.


Alarm schemes can be designed by caregivers. This supports clinicians reducing risk for adverse events, reducing hospital length-of-stay and improving the overall level of care for the patients.


With the DVX Monitoring System, standardization of wireless patient monitoring is a fact. We deliver patient safety from admission until discharge and beyond. We connect the patients from outside with clinicians inside the hospital.

Key users of the products are pre-hospital services (EMS), hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities, telehealth service providers, family physicians and the military around the world.


Techmedic works with a number of respected universities and partners with specific knowledge in the field of telehealth and wireless telemetry.


We can proudly state to be the only company offering a fully wearable technology with onboard Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G communication that allows near real-time monitoring regardless of geography and experience of the user.

The wearable takes away all the burdens of other products in the market. There is no configuration needed, the device is fully automated and includes an array of useful features that support the user in getting the best results time and time again. 

Our service team supports our clients world-wide in 6 languages.

Never was telemetry this simple to use by anyone,

even with little instruction !

About us
How it works


Place DVX device on patient

The DVX device is a wearable on a patch. Simply snap the device on the patch, remove the protective foil and place the patch on the chest of the patient. The device detects correct placement of the patch and does its job.

Monitor the vital signs on PC

Once the DVX device is placed on the chest, it sends the vitals in near real-time for display in the unique triage monitoring view. Several viewing modes are available, from classic telemetry display to acuity level based triage viewing.
SmartAlarm engine handles all the alarms detected by the system. Escalation of alarms to mobile devices and third party vendor EHR's available.
Print-what-you-see functions for easy reporting.

And mobile device

Our mobile App offers HIPAA compliant video consultation and secured messaging between patient and caregiver and viewing near real-time vitals and alarms**.

Real-time 12L ECG

Techmedic understands the true need for having a single device capable of doing every possible ECG related test.
The DVX device works with a 2-lead ECG patch, 3, 5 or 12 lead ECG cable and can be used for holter, event, telemetry and resting ECG testing... all diagnostic quality.

Triage and acuity monitoring

Since wireless monitoring becomes more and more mainstream, the necessity of "managing" all the collected data and alarms becomes a crucial part of the deal. DVX Monitoring System uses AI and several SmartAlarm features to reduce false positive alarms as much as possible avoiding alarm fatigue. Techmedic's DVX Monitoring System takes away the workload by automatically showing the most critical information to the user and leaving out the insignificant information.
Schermafdruk 2019-04-05 15.20.08.png

Third party device interfaces

Techmedic enables customers using other equipment than DVX with the SmartAlarm Engine and Triage display. Therefore several interfaces are developed adding other parameters to the DVX Monitoring System that can be used for telemetry and remote patient monitoring. A few of these third party devices can be found by clicking the logo's to the right**.




DVX is used with the DVX Patch to measure, record and transmit the ECG at a very high resolution of 1 kHz. Recordings are saved to the internal memory and transmitted to the cloud for remote diagnostics. The DVX is a fully integrated solution with an on-board Wi-Fi and Cellular module that sends data automatically. Data recorded to the device can also be transferred to a PC in a traditional way by a USB-C cable.


DVX can be held against the chest to record an ECG episode of a preset time. After the ECG is recorded it is automatically sent by the DVX to the cloud server, from where it can be opened for analysis and reporting using the DVX Monitoring Software. This feature is frequently used to record symptomatic events that are felt by the patient ("palpitations"). It is a very fast, efficient

and reliable way of detecting and recording ECG episodes during occasional symptoms. 



DVX is used with the DVX Patch to measure and record the ECG at a very high resolution of 1 kHz. The internal algorithm continuously processes the ECG and in case of an arrhythmia an event is automatically generated and send to the cloud server for remote diagnostics. The DVX is an integrated solution with on-board

Wi-Fi and Cellular module to send the data automatically. Data recorded to the device can also be transferred to a PC in a traditional way by a USB-C cable.


This is an add-on feature to the Cardiac Event application. In case of an arrhythmia an event is automatically generated and send to the cloud server for remote diagnostics. DVX then also transmits the heart rate and respiration trend data with the ECG. The diagnostic software also allows "commanding" the DVX to send additional ECG data (query) for analysis. All data is send by the onboard cellular module. Data recorded to the device can also be transferred to a PC in a traditional way by a USB-C cable.



This is the most advanced application of the DVX system. The DVX device continuously measures ECG, heart rate, respiration, skin temperature and continuous blood pressure. The internal algorithm processes the recorded data in real-time and detects abnormal values based on pre-set alarm templates, which can be defined by your medical team. The DVX device generates and sends alarms via onboard Wi-Fi or 4G to the cloud server. All monitoring stations display the vital signs and the alarms. With the alarms, previous data (trends and ECG waveforms) is also send to the cloud server for display in the monitoring software. The quality of the ECG and vital signs is of diagnostic quality and complies with the same standards as ICU monitors. This makes the device suitable for tele-ICU and tele-CCU applications. It is certified for use on patients of all ages !



The DVX device is designed in a modular way. A special adapter is created to connect the DVX device to the serial port of the Sentec Transcutaneous pCO2 monitor. Once connected it automatically transfers the Pulse Rate, SpO2, pCO2 and Pulse Index to the cloud server. The DVX Monitoring Software uses a unique display for the Sentec parameters and includes statistical calculations for compliance monitoring. The DVX can also connect to ventilators to combine the Sentec and ventilator data**.

"The DVX monitoring software has many features that makes the system unique"


DVX device
  • ECG: 3 (with patch), 5 & 12 lead (cable)

  • Samples: 1 kHz per ECG channel

  • HR: 15-350 bpm

  • Resp: Impedance pneumography

  • SpO2: Nonin Xpod (wired) or Wristox

  • Temp: Skin thermistor

  • Storage: 32GB SD card

  • Transmission: Wi-Fi / 4GLTE

  • Battery: Swapable & rechargeable

  • Defi-protect: Yes

  • Buttons: No

  • Patient event: Yes - tapping

  • Automatic detection:

       - Tachycardia

       - Bradycardia

       - Pause


  • Modes:

       - Holter recording

       - Holter recording with transmission

       - Wireless event

       - Realtime telemetry

  • Rating: IP67

Patch on chest.jpg
DVX monitoring software
  • Works on Windows OS (Win 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Windows Server 2012R2/2016)

  • Can be installed on PC workstations and Virtual Machines

  • Connects to a cloud server from where the near real-time and trend data is collected

  • Has a patented display for patient triage and acuity level

  • Includes display of the DVX device GPS position in case of emergency*

  • REALTIME patient monitoring

  • Telemetry screens for full-disclosure cardiac monitoring up-to 12-leads

  • WORKLIST feature to monitor the status of each admitted patient

  • Integrated HOLTER analysis software

  • Integrated EVENT reporting software

  • Integrated ALARM ENGINE for instant alarm detection and notification

  • Review, analyse and REPORT on ALL data collected

  • Integrated, secured and HIPAA compliant video consultation module via Mobile App

  • Extensive and intuitive ECG measurement & analysis tools integrated

  • Variety of data view modes with a single click on the DVX Monitoring Software

  • ALL collected data is available directly from the main screen

 * some features may not be available in your country because of local regulations, for    example GPS

Schermafdruk 2019-10-16 17.08.56.png
DVX reports
  • Making reports is made as simple as possible reducing operation time

  • Customizable to your organization logo's, addresses and photos

  • REST API for simple interfacing with third party vendors

  • Holter reports

  • Cardiac event reports

  • Vital signs reports

  • ALL within a few clicks

DVX app**
  • Android App for admitting patients to the DVX Monitoring System

  • Secured and HIPAA compliant video consultation

  • Secured chatting between patient and caregiver

Schermafdruk 2019-06-05 10.32.49.png
DVX System
** under development



When you buy the product, YOU OWN IT. The software is sold to you as a license. We charge an annual fee for updates and upgrades and telephone support. WE DO NOT KEEP THE DATA in any way and the DATA IS OWNED BY YOU.


We can offer to lease the DVX devices and DVX Monitoring Software to you. In this case we sign a contract for a leasing period. You pay a monthly lease and YOU DO NOT OWN IT. The DVX patches are disposables and not included in a lease. These shall be purchased by you separately. You are committed to pay the lease for the full contract term. Conditions apply based on your financials.


This is a unique proposition where you purchase the DVX devices and DVX monitoring system at a reduced price and after that you pay for the use of the product. This can be an hourly rate, a per patient rate or a profit sharing rate. THE PAY-PER-USE OPTION IS A TAILORED OFFERING that our management will put together for you.



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